How Trump Uses The Media, And They Play

Although, many, who are concerned about the behavior, actions, and rhetoric, etc, of this President, often, resort to using caricatures, making – fun – of, and mocking/ under – estimating, Mr. Trump, it is probably, far more accurate, to believe, he has a keener understanding of the way, media works, than others (in some ways), and effectively, knows how to use, and exploit them, to his advantage! Perhaps, because of his success, on reality television, or, his ability, to self – promote, effectively, President Trump, may not be as foolish, stupid, etc, as his political foes, appear to believe, but, rather, crazy – as – a fox! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, of this persistent, consistent, concerning behavior, etc.

1. His original campaign, for the Presidency: How much free exposure/ publicity, did he get, when he ran, first, in the Republican primaries, and, then, in the general election? When, in recent memory, did we witness, any candidate, get constant airing of his political rallies, his Tweets, etc? Instead of any attempt at providing equal time, the media provided Mr. Trump, with so much more exposure, than any of his political opponents! The more, the media, and public, claimed, to be, outraged, the more free publicity, he received!

2. Continuing to cover/ air, his early rallies, and, constantly, publicizing, every, somewhat outrage, statement, and/ or, Tweet: Although, many find his promises, empty, and his rhetoric, destructive and disruptive/ disturbing, we have been, constantly, bombarded, with coverage of nearly, every occurrence! The old, show – business, theory, which declares, any publicity, is good publicity, Trump has out – smarted, and taken advantage of the media!

3. His impromptu, White House lawn, informal Press conferences: Instead of the somewhat – dignified, more formal, Presidential Press Conferences, Trump, seems to feel, the informal ones, on the White House lawn, which provide him, an easy, escape from anything he wishes to avoid, serve him better! In reality, if the Press didn’t give him that vehicle, it would not serve his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

4. Calling the media, Fake News: Since, respected, political fact – checkers, state, President Trump, has lied, misstated, misled, etc, more than any of his predecessors, or the Press, he constantly refers to anything, which disagrees with him, as Fake News. Isn’t it a dangerous precedent, when he, proceeds, that way?

5. The recent, pandemic conferences: In the earliest stages, this administration, often, avoided, and down – played, the impact, and reality/ ramifications of this deadly pandemic! Recently, President Trump, has started holding these, so – called, briefings, supposedly, in order to discuss, the status of the pandemic. However, these have been, more political drama, and an attempt, for spin, than, reliable, relevant, or factual!

When the well – intentioned, media, instead of holding the President, responsible, consistently, and, publicize his narrative (often, changing), and only, a few, challenge his version, aren’t they, helping, him, explain – away, his poor response, to handling this crisis? Wake up, America, and don’t under – estimate him! He is counting on that!